Five Best Jobs for Introverts

Five Best Jobs for Introverts

Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2018

If you’re looking for a job, it’s good to know where you stand on the introvert/extrovert scale. Introverts are people who tend to be shy in groups. They interact best with one or two people. Compare them with extroverts —people who love to meet new people and who love to talk to both old acquaintances and new ones—and you’ll see they are polar opposites.

Introverts function best one on one or in small groups.

Introverts also tend to like quiet around them. Noisy offices are not where they do their best work. They can concentrate intensely on tasks, but often feel drained after the process. They need more downtime than extroverts do, and crave it.

As a result, some jobs would not be ideal for introverts. Sales positions, for example, which require meeting and talking to people all day, would be very difficult for introverts. Party planning, which requires dealing with the party-givers and suppliers all day long, would drain introverts.

But by the same token, some jobs are ideal for introverts. Positions that require working independently, strong concentration, and at least some alone time would be ideal.

So what are the best jobs for introverts? Here are five.

1. Landscaper

Landscapers work outside in the fresh air. They may be involved in the design of landscaping or in the maintenance of gardens and yards. They often work alone. Even if they are part of a crew, the individual tasks often are performed solo. Introverts who love nature and the outdoors are well-suited to the life of a landscaper.

Computer work is often ideal for introverts.

2. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write and develop code. They may be involved in troubleshooting problems with software. But the job is frequently done between a programmer and their computer, making it ideal for introverts. While many information technology departments work in teams, the computer programmers do their individual tasks in small groups or alone. If computer programmers want to push the envelope, they can eventually become IT managers.

3. Designer

Designers create the look of media, from brochures to book covers. They need visual talent and training in techniques. They are often provided with an overview description of the product wanted and then work independently to come up with prototypes and ideas.

4. Writer

Writers research and write material, from blog posts to speeches to magazine articles. But whatever the ultimate publication spot, they work independently to craft and research their pieces. Writers need alone time to conceptualize and to write. Some writers extend their craft to give presentations at meetings or teach others to write. This may push the comfort zone of some introverts but also depends on their intellectual strengths.

5. Paralegal

Paralegals work with lawyers. But while lawyers often argue in courtrooms, paralegal work is generally done behind the scenes. They are the ones who research cases, organizes files and documents, and draft documents. The job requires concentration, organization, and discipline. Because of the intense behind-the-scenes nature, the job is ideal for introverts.

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